Family is more precious than gold

Family is the most important thing in the world. I am incredibly lucky that I have had a wonderful upbringing, the best it could have been. My parents are understanding, they care, they don’t stop giving and they are genuinely proud of everything I have done and continue to do with my life. We didn’t have all the money in the world but that is okay because we have something even more precious than gold. My parents are my best friends. I can tell them anything, I confide in them about everything and I trust them with my life. The same way I trust my incredible partner, he stands beside me no matter what and, like me, my parents adore him.

Where I know I can trust him, he too knows he can trust in me. I will always do everything in my life to protect him from harm and love him unconditionally. He is my family. He is the most important person in my life and I hate seeing him hurt in any way. There is nothing more precious to me than having him in my life, being a family.

I cannot understand people who are willing to let their family go. Why would you ever think it would be okay to push someone away? And most importantly, if a problem occurs that has the potential to destroy a relationship, why would you not do everything in your power to stop that rapture?

If there ever comes a point in my life, God forbid, when for whatever reason it feels as though I may lose someone whom I consider my world, then I would not just walk away and accept it, I would fight with every single ounce of power I possess. I would not drop it until some kind of resolution would be found. I would not give up because if something was really that important to me there would be no way I would just step aside and let it happen. That’s just what you do. Families stick together, that’s what I have always been told, what I have always known. You do not give up on family. They are the most important people in your life. Sure they can be a nightmare and people shout, they get upset, they slam a door and someone might cry but you eventually go downstairs and everything is okay. I had plenty of fallouts with my mum growing up but I never lost her, she never lost me because – as families should – we worked it out. From our darkest times together we grew stronger and formed a bond we lacked before, now my mum is my world.

You cannot afford to be stubborn in a relationship (romantic or otherwise), even if you think you are in the wrong you have to find a resolution, you have to fix the problem. If you don’t think you have done anything then you apologise for the mistake you didn’t realise you were making, you apologise for the emotional corruption you have laid on someone’s heart, you apologise for the deterioration of a relationship you cannot live without. You fix the problem and you move on. The incorrect and, in my personal opinion, stupid decision is to deny everything, make no attempt at redemption and to walk away. If you’re so stubborn and closed minded that you cannot see past your own twisted view on reality then nothing will be solved and you will end up losing everything. As I said before in a previous post, you end up with an empty house with only the echoes of a past that no longer belongs to you. Sometimes you have to listen to what other people say, you have to accept their opinion and you have to move past your own stubborn obscurities and fix it! If you don’t you will lose everything you have ever cared about.

Or perhaps it is already too late. Perhaps you have already decided. By the time the bird flew away and made it’s own way you decided it didn’t matter, it’s life meant nothing now because it wasn’t yours to enslave. What does it matter if it still has feelings, pent up for years but too scared to speak out in case you reacted like this. What does it matter if you’ll end up without contact? What does it matter. You’ll still feel like you’ve won in the end because after all it is everybody else who has the problem, it’s everyone else who makes mistakes. When your judgement fails and you cannot comprehend when you have messed up, it seems that family isn’t important anymore and the moment they start causing problems for number one you just do not want to hear it. Their opinion differs from your own and therefore it is wrong. What a disgusting attitude to have. They make you think about other people’s lives instead of your own and suddenly everything is worthless to you and you have no interest in what anybody has to say. Congratulations, your selfish nature is now your undoing.

I would never abandon my family. I would never lose control. I would want to build bridges not destroy them, because I would not want to lose my soul. People need to understand that real happiness can be found, and if you hinder growth or cannot establish the necessary power within yourself to come forward and admit you were wrong then you will never find it. It will always be hidden from you. And so will your family.

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