You can’t win a game that doesn’t exist…

Life is not a game and we are not pieces set to move a certain amount of spaces each time someone rolls a dice. We cannot win and we cannot lose. We make decisions and we move around the world together walking side by side. Sometimes we feel as though it’s game over and sometimes it does feel like the fates are not on our side but it’s all nonsense. It’s just a fairy tale, a fiction created in our minds to scare us.

Humans are very good at making things seem like a competition. We always have to be better, we always have to outdo, it’s always somebody else’s fault that we’re ‘losing the game’.

Just stop.

This game is make believe and there is no one out to get you, no one is going out of their way to ruin your life, so you should stop looking at the world that way. If you stay stuck in this little world of hate and fear then that is exactly what you’re going to feel. You’ll think that everyone is against you. You’ll blame everyone else for your problems. You’ll get paranoid that people are scheming. You’ll doubt their trust and their respect. You’ll push them away and become bitter and alone. There is nothing worse than being blamed for a crime you did not commit. The one thing most people don’t seem to understand is that if you blame somebody enough, even if it is the small things, if you keep on blaming they’ll be pushed away. If you pull them down about everything they haven’t achieved, everything they could have achieved, then you will push them away. If you don’t treat the ones you profess to love with respect and care then you will push them away.

Look around. What is left? A dark room? An empty house? Echoes of memories long passed? Who did that?

Instead of blaming others, take a moment and re-evaluate.

I’ve fallen in love. Everything glitters with magic. I embrace change, I acknowledge others, I find joy in everything I do. There is no bitterness, no self-loathing, no blame, no hate.

I have found that my perspective has changed in this relationship because for the first, true, time in my life I have someone else to care for. Someone who I would do anything for and someone I want to protect. I want to hold him in my arms when he’s sad and sing lullabies when he can’t sleep, I want to shield him from hurt and help him through pain. I feel positive about this love and it brings us together, it draws us in, keeps us. Love is what we are supposed to have! But other people try to ruin it for us.

People grow jealous and hateful and they try their very hardest to pull us apart but in doing so they push us closer together and as far away from them as possible. Which leads to more hate, more words thrown blindly into the light and more pain. The blame shifts not onto the person who has taken it for years but this new person. A new enemy, allied with the original army in a civil war that never ceases. The new army is strong willed and won’t back down because passion holds them there, protection and love is stronger than hate.

But no war is ever really over is it?

People play at war all the time. Then again, this is life. You don’t play life. You live it. And though there is a war raging, no one is winning. The only way you lose is if you give up hope, or you turn to hate. Don’t push people away.

Bitterness doesn’t suit you…

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