The first steps to a new adventure

So here we are at the start of something new. It’s always exciting isn’t it? Starting off on an adventure. You never know where it’s going to lead you, or what you’re going to see on the way. The people who you’ll meet will be oddly spectacular in their own way and every second will mean something. The bowl of raspberries doesn’t mean anything though, that was just the picture that was being used in the example blog page I’m using as a template from my first one. I thought it was random so why not right?

I suppose I should start with an introduction.

Gemma Keane.

22 years of age.

Actor, writer, unicorn enthusiast.

I always have a thousand things to say, and up until now I have just written it down in a notebook and kept it all a secret but I think I should start exploring the world, I think I should start sharing my life. Now when I say share my life that isn’t to say I’ll be writing a diary, keeping the world in touch with every little detail – but you’ll know the songs I am singing and trees I am climbing. You’ll meet the people I do and you’ll see the world through my eyes. I’ve always thought that I see things a little bit differently to everyone else. My brain works in a different way to yours, red for me is blue for you and green for her is black in my eyes. I see the world through a sheet of multicoloured glass that makes everything simultaneously wonderful and terrifying. I’m different, and I want to invite you in to see things from my point of view. I’m fascinated by the world around me and I hope that you can be too.

It might be that no one reads this, it might be that a million people do…it doesn’t matter how many. But if you’re reading these words then you’re part of this adventure too, and there will be music and dancing, we’ll have a wonderful time.

Onwards…to adventure!